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Adding links to the story - Master Mind - 11-11-2019

I know I've asked this question one time, but you see I'm blind, and I can't use the mouse to click on the + sign. I was wondering, if there was a way to click on it without useing the mouse. If anyone have an answer to this question I'll be very greatful thanks.

RE: Adding links to the story - Odrakir - 11-11-2019

I understand perfectly the problem that you expose, but the text editor does not have the accessibility functions that a blind person may need. These types of games need you to design a decision scheme, which unfortunately makes them extremely visual. I am very sorry for your situation but if you want to continue writing your story, you will need someone to help you, unless Lucas (The app's programmer) has a miraculous improvement in mind that will help you.
My level of English is very bad and I hope my message is understood correctly.
With best wishes.

RE: Adding links to the story - El Bardo Gris - 11-11-2019

Hello Master Mind.

You can also do double click to create a page. And then, to match two pages with a link, you can keep left click and drag the mouse in the direction of the target page.

I hope it helps you.