The Bane Chronicles

The Bane Chronicles

You play a young adventurer trying to unravel the mysteries of the realm and seeking to uncover what is behind the new evil that has arrived in your neck of the woods. You start in a small forest near your family's log cabin, however the land is vast and there is much to see and explore in the kingdom. Some of your choices will lead to different paths in the book. Enjoy your travels in the land of Teruvio.

Quest | Fantasy

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Readings completed: 140
No. of chapters: 30
No. of pages: 318
No. of words: 20220

1. The Small Forest
2. Outside of the small forest
3. Port Town
4. The sea cave
5. The return to Port Town
6. On board the ship Norma Kay IV
7. The Kings Port
8. Road to the Kings Castle
9. Kings Castle
10. Inside the Kings throne room
11. Road East of the Kings Castle
12. Somerville Village
13. Eastern road
14. Kings garrison
15. Path going up Snowy Mountain
16. Serpent cave within the Snowy Mountain
17. Whispering Woods forest
18. Goblin Village
19. Road East of the goblin Village
20. Lighthouse
21. Road North of the lighthouse
22. Venturing through sewer
23. Wilkes Cemetery
24. Wilkes Church
25. The Crypt
26. The road outside the Cemetary
27. The ship
28. Dense jungle
29. Jungle Village
30. Volcano

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