Passwords to access the pages

Publicado el 20/06/2019

I’ve created a new feature for book games. Occasionally, writers will need the reader to solve some puzzle and write the solution to the puzzle. It can be a mathematical riddle, a key to find, a name to remember, etc. You can now configure this option. To do so, go to the edit panel of […]


New monetization options: resurrect (1€), coins watching videos, payment chapters (1€-5€)

Publicado el 8/06/2019

New game monetization options. I’ve added several options that have appeared in conversations that have taken place in the forum. Some more will come, such as specific payment objects. I explain in detail the new options available: Resurrect after death Now, when a character dies, a green button will appear to bring him back […]


New configuration section in

Publicado el 8/06/2019

I have added a new configuration section for all registered users. A link will appear in the top user menu. In this section you can perform the following actions: Change your username. Change your default language. Set your user image. I plan to introduce this image in different sections of the website. Insert fiscal addresses. […]