Links according to the experience of the character.

Publicado por el 29/05/2019. Categoría: Tutorials

Sometimes you will be interested in your readers not being able to access certain links until they have obtained a certain experience.

This situation occurs for example in books where there is a central page from which you can go to different places in the gamebook. It is as if we were starting from one point to be able to carry out different missions. Some quests should not be available until the character has gained a certain experience. This is to prevent them from starting missions for which they are not prepared.

Now you have the option. If you go to the links options, you will see that you can introduce the experience ranges needed to access to the next page.

If you leave one of the fields blank it will work the same as long as the other one has a value. In the example above, I have made it possible for the character to access a certain link only if he has 25 or more experience points.