Passwords to access the pages.

Publicado por el 20/06/2019. Categoría: Tutorials

I’ve created a new feature for book games. Occasionally, writers will need the reader to solve some puzzle and write the solution to the puzzle. It can be a mathematical riddle, a key to find, a name to remember, etc.

You can now configure this option. To do so, go to the edit panel of the page. You will see that there is a new section called Page with password. Inside it you can configure that page to ask for a password. You must introduce a text that will be shown above the box where the reader will write the password. You can enter several correct passwords.

Apart from configuring the page, you must also configure the links that go from that page to the other pages. You will see that I have created a section called Page with password in the configuration panel of the links. There you will see that you have the option to mark the link as a password link and also if the link is correct. If you mark the link as correct, if the reader introduces one of the correct passwords, he will automatically be redirected to the page to which this link leads. If you don’t mark it as correct, the writer will be redirected to the link that you have configured if he doesn’t get the password right.

Important, you must configure two links, one with the correct password and the other with the incorrect password. If not the behavior of the game book may NOT BE NORMAL.

I have created an explanatory video where I tell you in detail how it works.