Programming the new role-playing book reading panel.

Publicado por el 8/05/2020. Categoría: News, News

I’ve been programming a new reading panel for a few months.

This panel will use a different technology than the current one. It will not depend so much on the server since the panel will be contained within the app of each user.

Although it will continue to depend on the server of to play, only the server will be checked for these tasks: start a new chapter, save the character status, see announcements and get rewards, payments within the gamebooks, image download and some more things.

This avoids having to consult the server every time you turn the page, or battle against an enemy.

Therefore, some advantages are:

  1. It will be more agile, the page-turning will be instantaneous, the same as the battles.
  2. Less data consumption, since it will only connect to the internet on some more limited occasions.
  3. In situations with limited internet access, the gamebook is going to be able to read without internet access (as long as the chapters have been downloaded before).

Also, I have hired a designer to make new themes for the app. Right now he is doing the Medieval theme. I give you some screenshots.